Ecotourism is gaining popularity as a way to promote conservation. It can be used as a way to educate, raise funds for conservation and boost the local economy. One of FCD’s goals is to financially sustain themselves and a strong and stable ecotourism program can bring a continuous source of revenue. FCD has started looking at ways that they can engage in ecotourism while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the forest. The Chiquibul is home to magnificent wildlife and Central America’s largest and longest cave system. The Maya ruins are rich with culture and history. And the rivers, lakes, and waterfalls complete its magnificence.

EcoQuest provides a four-day and a seven-day research adventure expedition through the Chiquibul-Maya Mountains and the Caracol Maya Temples for visitors to experience Belize’s beauty. In addition to a memorable experience for the participants, they help FCD in research and monitoring by frequently checking on the status of Scarlet Macaws and other species. To learn more about the expeditions or to sign up visit, In addition to FCD’s efforts, there are other lodges nestled within the Chiquibul such as Blancaneaux, which allow visitors to experience the Chiquibul’s wonders.

In February 2014, after two years of planning, American Adventure Sport organized a three day adventure challenge across the Chiquibul Forest and Mountain Pine Ridge. Fifty athletes biked, canoed, rappelled, and hiked. This race helped to give visibility to the beauty of the Chiquibul Forest and will continue to raise awareness about the Chiquibul as this race will occur every two years.

FCD Tracks Newsletter September 2011

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