Environmental Education

Environmental education and awareness is crucial in instilling stewardship and developing an environmentally conscious society. Environmental education involves teaching about the importance of ecosystem services and the protection of natural systems in order to sustain ecosystem services and resources for future generations. FCD has an environmental education program with two coordinators, one in Belize and one in Guatemala, that aims to educate children and locals about the importance of the Chiquibul Forest, its resources and biodiversity, and the importance of sustainable practices through field trips for students and many events. Due to the Chiquibul’s location on the border of Guatemala and Belize, FCD has engaged in bi-national education efforts by raising awareness about the Chiquibul Forest in the villages of Guatemala. This can be crucial in preventing encroachment by Guatemalans in the future, leading to the protection of the Chiquibul. In 2014, FCD consolidated a permanent education program in partnership with Guatemalan counterparts in Peten. In addition to local awareness, they raise awareness abroad by partnering with many organizations.

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