Environmental Security

Environmental security is the protection of the natural resources and biodiversity of a natural system. In the Chiquibul, environmental security is accomplished by eighteen rangers who patrol the forest to stop and prevent illegal activities, in addition to their duties in research and monitoring. However, the Chiquibul is very large and eighteen rangers cannot patrol and protect the entire forest on their own. Currently FCD operates under Joint Forces which is comprised of FCD park rangers, police, and the Belize Defence Force. However, due to increased illegal activity in the park, FCD has reformed the ranger training program to include special constable training, first aid training, search and rescue training, animal care training, and an ornithology and herpetology class. The special constable program gives the ranger the ability to shoot and arrest. The first aid class taught them how to care for themselves in the forest. The search and rescue training gave them skills to protect and care for tourists. And the animal care course taught them how to handle and care for injured wildlife. With this new training, the rangers will be sent to different conservation posts ready to protect the Chiquibul Forest. FCD struggles the most with funding for environmental security programs because training, equipment, and salary for rangers is expensive and they lack adequate funds. However, having robust security measures is one of the most important ways to immediately stop illegal activities.

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Video shows how FCD carries out environmental security using rangers and stations throughout the Chiquibul.